Hit the Subconscious with Visiting Card Mockups

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Thought one follows (Visiting Card Mockups)

Mockups have a unique life. They are like that catalyst which don’t have much of their own but when they get into the right elements, they give the best results. You should always try out pedaling your boat into the world of mockups. It is always fun to be here.

How important is a visiting card? For some, it is not that much important. They take it as another memory which will fade away with time. For others, it is the best tool to introduce yourself. Their genre of people feels that your introduction should be that much powerful that it hits the subconscious of the other person. They say to be that memory which never fades out. We all know memories which live in our subconscious are like characters in the dark during a play. They come out when they are required. Visiting card mocks here is that tool for you all.

These mockups will give your visiting card that powerful elegance and persona that you will always be remembered. Such Mockups are created only to give the name and other details a new stylish look. Make your name a brand with these mockups. They are the great way to present your design to your client and showcase it to your portfolio it creates a natural look and feel to attract someone, Here are the 10 outstanding visiting card mockups you can use in your projects.

Less Volume

These mockups are simple in design yet the style is there. They don’t give that feeling of being high-volume both in size and weight. There is no issue in the effectiveness here. The quality remains superlative. A paper clipped PSD business card mock-up template to showcase your business card designs in a different and original way.

Hit the Subconscious with Visiting Card Mockups - mockups

Dark Visitors

Mockups designed with black color as the dominant one. Imagine this card in your hand. Black color with name and other details shining in, written in another color scheme. The details can be written with Silver, Golden and Gray color. A new original psd business card mock-up template with an elegant cardboard box. Ideal for dark themed business card designs.

Hit the Subconscious with Visiting Card Mockups - mockups

Dual Elegance

These mockups have nothing to do with wood. It is just an effect. Each side is colored differently. It gives these mockups a unique look. Two colors and then you can carve the details with two different color schemes as well. Business cards on a wooden cutting board. Included 2 vintage effects. This mock up uses smart object so you can add your design quickly.

Hit the Subconscious with Visiting Card Mockups - mockups

Flip it

Another double sided card. This one is simple and beautiful. Nothing fancy. The front side covers the logo and name of your company or institution. The back side will mention all the details. You can choose to get these mockups in two basic color schemes. First one is the lighter one while the second is more darkening. This is a subtle and elegant business card mockup to showcase your front and back designs. Easily add your graphics with our smart layers.

Hit the Subconscious with Visiting Card Mockups - mockups

Hit the Subconscious with Visiting Card Mockups - mockups

Lighter Side

These mockups are referred as the lighter ones. The reason is their simple outlook. They give that lighter feel. It will certainly not affect the weight of the name and other details. In fact, it will attract the eyes just of being too simple. This is the light themed psd business card mock-up template with its elegant cardboard box.

Hit the Subconscious with Visiting Card Mockups - mockups

Hit the Subconscious with Visiting Card Mockups - mockups


Mockups are always important. Here are two designs. Both are modest but qualitative. The first one is all white with content written in black. The second one is all black with the details crafted in gold. Choose your style. An elegant business card mock-up that provides you with a perspective view showcase. The PSD file comes with smart layers that permit an easy drag and drop action so you can see the result of your work immediately.

Hit the Subconscious with Visiting Card Mockups - mockups

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